SA- 8000 Statement

Social Accountability 8000 aims to promote continual improvement in organisation’s  social accountability management system.

Social accountability 8000, set out the standards & procedure regarding health & safety, the use of child labour, forced labour, discrimination, and trade union Right, disciplinary practices, and remuneration & working hours together with the management systems to deliver them.

We at Malhotra handicraftsis committed to protect worker’s rights & continually improve social accountability performance within the organisation & our supply chain, also in all its stakeholder relationship.

Management of Malhotra handicrafts has chosen to comply with SA8000 Standard & committed to conform to the following elements:-

  • An absolute prohibition on child employment & commitment to reject this form of labour by supply chain, including suppliers & contractor.
  • Rejection of any working condition found to be inhumane, exploitative, discriminatory or unsanitary and ensure to improve work place safety.
  • Ensure the freedom of individual, work to form or join trade unions of their choice & the right to collective bargaining.
  • Ensure to pay discreationary remuniration, which in all cases must be sufficient to meet the basic need  of all workers.
  • Ensure to comply with applicable laws & industry standard on working hours and public holidays.
  • Ensure the equal opportunities and rejection of all form of discrimination in the requirement access to training, promotion, benefits, dismissed or retirement or workers based on race, social class or national origin, cast, birth, religion, disability, gender, sexual, orientation, family, responsibilities, marital status, pregnancy, new mother, union membership, political opinions, age of any other condition that give rise to discrimination.
  • Ensure to continuing competency development, training, motivation & empowerment of company personnel at all levels.
  •  Ensure to encourage the suppliers, who can deliver products more compatible with the company’s ethical & safety objectives.
  • Ensure to comply with local, national & all other applicable laws & prevailing industry standards.
  • Ensure to formally defining measurable objectives & improvement programed, evaluated periodically as part of the management review.

Approved By:

Managing Partner
January 1, 2019